ABS light

ABS light
  • System description

    Front ABS for small motorcycles

    ABS light is a cost-effective entry-level version of the Bosch generation 9 braking control system for motorcycles. It has only one hydraulic brake channel, which controls the front wheel.

    The hydraulic unit comprises two control valves, a storage chamber, and a pump element. As is the case with more powerful ABS systems, the electric motor that drives the return pump is mounted here, as is the control unit – in this case a circuit board. The wheel-specific reference velocity is calculated by the system on the basis of speed information relayed by a sensor in the front wheel. For the highest possible stability during braking, the wheel-specific reference velocity is continuously adapted to the actual vehicle speed.

  • Customer benefits
    • Antilock braking system specially adapted to low-cost motorcycles and scooters
    • Software is optimized for the lower power segment
    • Improved safety through front-wheel control